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What collectors say about my work

yellow_listing_4 x 3_72_roses.jpg

"Such a lovely, peaceful picture. Bought for our bedroom as the colours are similar. Thank you so much. Packaging and delivery were excellent. Will keep in touch with this shop."


June 2023

This digital print is now sold out in my Etsy but can be made as a custom order if you are interested

2023-04-17 12.17_edited.jpg

"Juli was wonderful. I was a little late on getting an anniversary gift. And Julie’s art work was perfect. The happy couple loved it and it was delivered safely to their house on the day they returned. Thanks for the great gift and contact through out the process."

May 2023

2022-08-22 11.20_edited.jpg

"Once again, a beautiful piece by Juli, it’s going to look wonderful on our wall once we have sorted out a frame!"

May 2023

Blackthorn_small one_adjusted.jpg

"Thank you for this lovely print. It is very unusual and the colours are great. Arrived quickly and I am more than pleased with it. Would buy again from you."

May 2023

This framed print is available as a open edition print from Fejer's Art Boutique

Green girl #2_edited.jpg

"Everything about this print is so special. I simply love it. It means a lot to me personally."

April 2023

This image is available as a limited edition print from Fejer's Art Boutique

2023-04-17 14.17_edited.jpg

"It is wonderful to have your work on our wall."

April 2023

"This canvas is absolutely lovely, the colours are true, and it arrived quickly and beautifully packaged. The seller had enclosed a personal letter which was inspiring and a pleasure to read."

March 2023

This is an open edition print available in various sizes,  here  

Masterpiece unframed.jpg

"Each year for my birthday I treat myself to a piece of art.  The moment I saw your piece, the vibrant kaleidoscope of amethyst colors flowing through the trees, I knew it was “the one.” 


The Bluebells / Seeing Differently piece is a birthday gift to myself.  Someone offered to gift it to me, but I knew I had to buy it myself because of the connection made with the piece."


March 2023

PNG image 5_edited.jpg

"This was given as a birthday present for my 30 year old niece. She loved it and the story behind it. Beautifully wrapped. Delighted. Will definitely order more from Juli"

February 2023

many abstracts_master.jpg

I love the vibrancy and juxtaposition of the colours.  It reminds me of local woodlands which are covered in acres of wild bluebells each year – stunning!

January 2023

Laburnum #2.jpg

"I have three of Juli's paintings and art prints now in my home. She meshes the natural and urban environments in an uplifting way that creates the ambiance of a certain season and the promise it brings."

April 2022

Lark trees_edited.jpg

"This is my second piece of art from Juli's collection. I love her style and sense of nature and the colours she  uses to great effect." 


April 2022

Marina_styled_800 x 800.jpg

"I love Juli's paintings. The sunset in Norfolk I have gives me so much pleasure.  Juli is very professional and friendly and explains her work. Excellent communication,  delivery time and packaging".


classy_portal_800 x 800_on an easel_edited.jpg

"The contrast between bleak anonymous rows of houses and cheerfully unaware cherry blossom in ‘Blossoms in my Street’ immediately caught my eye. Even before I read Juli’s own words, I related to the painting on a personal level. 


Throughout lockdown I have kept a diary, weaving vibrant photographs from my county walks through the depressing anonymity of Covid figures, the statistics that reduce our loved ones to a list of daily mortality rates. The result mirrors Juli’s painting: a striking dichotomy: the beauty of nature sustains us; no matter how bleak things get behind closed doors, spring blossom will always give us hope, they put a smile on our faces and a song in our hearts!


The trees in ‘Blossoms in my Street’ are so full of colour and hope, I often find myself just sitting smiling at them. Juli’s, almost pointillist, technique creates a real sense of movement, as multicoloured petals flutter down like confetti, warming the bleak houses from the outside in. "



"There's something mystical about this.  It looks as if I could step into it and find myself somewhere I'd like to be."




"I am the very fortunate and proud owner of one of Juli's original paintings. It is of Holkham beach. I was immediately drawn to the beautiful blue and pink hues. It is such a calming and inspirational piece for me, that I have been known to move it from room to room with me. Absolutely love your work!"

Violet Martha

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