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About Me


My work explores the cycles of the natural world, in particular letting go and regeneration, abundance and decay.


From the street trees of south London to Suffolk’s ancient oaks, I am fascinated by trees and their secret language. I am interested in the role of forests in combating climate change.  Fibromyalgia gives me an acute sensitivity to external stimuli, which allows me to pick up the nuances of my surroundings.


My work invites the viewer into a world that is both familiar and unfamiliar through the use of unexpected palette, mark making and perspective

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Then & Now, Virtual Exhibition, December 2023  (ArtCan)


Winter, Todmorden, West Yorkshire, October 2023 (open call by Water Street Gallery)

Art Fair East, Norwich, December 2023 

Perspectives on Bury St Edmunds, October 2023 (Art in East Anglia Gallery)


Solo Artist Open House,  August 2023              

long listed for VAA Award, July 2023

long listed for Women in Art prize, June 2023

Sanctuary , Cambridge, May 2023 (group exhibition female ArtCan artists put on with a bursary from the Hollybush Prize.)

Saltaire Arts Trail, Bradford, May 2023

Shortlisted for the D31 Art Prize , April 2023, D31 Gallery


Unconsumed, Norwich, March 2023 (open call exhibition in the Shoe Factory art space)


Ensemble, Paris, February 2023 – (year-long exhibition with ArtCan)

Mythical Woods, Stanton Guildhouse January 2023 – (year-long exhibition through open call)

WaterWays, Babylon, Ely, September 2022 (open call Society of East Anglian Watercolourists)


Painting the Wetlands, London August 2022


Walking with Trees, Guildhall Studio, Bury St Edmunds,   April 2022 (6 week Gallery exhibition in partnership with the photographer)

Awash, Handa Gallery, Wells next the Sea, February 2022 (open call by Society of East Anglian Watercolourists)


Explore 01, New York, February 2022 (extended exhibition through ArtCan)


ING Discerning Eye, 2021

BBC 2 Documentary, on Summer Exhibition applicants October 2021

Royal Academy Summer Exhibition,  

"Reclaiming Magic"  September 2021

Framed! Street Art Southfields Summer, 2021, (long-running public art project in south London)

Sussex Art Fair, July 2021

ING Discerning Eye, November 2020


The New Artist Fair, London, 2019

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I identify in the tradition of the outsider artist, but I was brought up in a house of colour and design, and have always thought in pictures. My father was a designer in post-war Britain, and my grandfather, was a Hungarian watercolourist.

I credit my father and grandfather as my teachers as I grew up with the paintings around me.  My father came to London fleeing from the Nazis, and his family were murdered in the Holocaust before I was born.

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