In a world where there is so much anger and sadness, I try to seek out beauty in everyday things and to bring people joy through art.

Welcome to my website where you can read about my latest projects, and shop my collections.

Art for Sale

Boho Blackthorn 2021
Acrylic painting bluebells

This year, I have enjoyed making a series of pictures of Suffolk hedgerows; you can find some of these works in my landscape collection

I adore painting bluebell woods so I was delighted to have the opportunity to work on 2 commissions recently which were themed around bluebells. You can see more bluebell paintings in my treescape collection.

Corona Panic, 2020

I suffer from a condition called fibromyalgia, which means I experience chronic pain and many other symptoms. Fibromyalgia informs my paintings, but some of my paintings are explicitly concerned with my own experience.

Street Art Project

What's New?

I have been included in Framed, a street art project run by Wandsworth Council. See me and my work here

I am delighted that The South London Press have featured my story in their edition of 11th June


I am preparing for the Sussex Art Fair to be held in Goodwood on 2nd-4th of July. You can see my collection taking shape, here, and from 3rd July you will be able to purchase through this website.

Preparing for the show.jpg

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