New media artwork limited edition print on aluminium

This digital artwork was inspired by walks in my local park in south-west London. I am fascinated by the connection between the material structure of things (such as the neurotransmitters which cause pain) and emotional states. I have made the whole series of works on my iPad which I call “Material World” which explores this connection. Here I have taken a close-up photograph of the trunk of one of the trees in a parade of London planes, and then use this as the canvas on which to make a digital picture of the parade. The motif of a path is a recurring one in my art, representing my own journey from chronic pain and despair to a more hopeful way of living.

Printed onto a very thin sheet of aluminium this artwork has a subtle lustre. It is square. Size 14 x 14″, 36 x 36 cm.
The artwork is ready to hang directly on wall, it doesn’t need a frame and has its own hanging attachment on the back. It seems to ” float” on the wall.

Trees of My Heart, 2021


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