Acrylic and pen on paper

My preoccupations are the beauty of nature in my everyday life, and the connection between the material structure of things (such as the neurotransmitters in our bodies) and emotional states. Living with fibromyalgia gives me an acute sensitivity to external stimuli which informs my art.

I made this picture during a brief stay in Devon in September 2020. I was intrigued to revisit a beach which I had constructed from memory earlier in the summer, and observe the difference between the two paintings. Made with acrylic paint, metallic highlights, and pen on paper, this picture celebrates my delight at being by the sea on a blustery day. I have used strong vibrant colours to convey a sense of hope. I have also used pen to pick out details such as stones and rocks. I often use this technique to draw attention to the fact that not only is the landscape a whole which we perceive, it is made up of materials – atoms.

The painting size A3, 42 x 30 cm
It is made on paper and it is sold unframed but framing can be arranged if you prefer.

Blue Branscombe, 2020


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